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I feel more confident as a person. I have found that I have started valuing myself more. I found myself finally standing up to my manager and saying "no I won't do that".

Iffat, Manchester

This is amazing, it just works so well. Do you have any idea how much potential this has?

Astrid, Coventry

It’s hard to put into words but I feel an inner confidence that I’ve not felt before. I’m amazed at the difference in such a short space of time.

Theresa, London

After practising the circle of confidence technique, it was just fantastic to be able to tap into that state of mind just when I needed to.

Harriet, Cheshire

I now have an increased sense of calmness. My inner voices of self-doubt and worry about what others think of me, were switched off, almost completely. I’m now much more positive about social group interactions. I started to look forward to doing it every day and it even sent me off to sleep!

Naomi, Birmingham

I have noticed that I have been much calmer in some situations that would have triggered an emotional reaction. I realised that emotional reactions were being triggered at very minor events due to my wiring but now I am beginning to filter out the ones that are related to past experiences and are not necessarily a reason for an emotional reaction.

Sophie, London

Getting to sleep has been so much easier. I’m now getting moments of clarity during panic and this has never happened before. I have been able to tell what is my anxiety and what is real during a really stressful time. This has helped hugely.

Karen, Staffordshire

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