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“Black Dog”, A film by Jasper Valentine

Posted 947 Days Ago by Jasper Valentine

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Not a typical bicycle movie, the award-winning Black Dog by Ohh Mamma films is a profile of modern man's struggle with depression and anxiety. Joss Lindey talks about the positive steps he took to help alleviate his darkness.

When I started suffering from depression, I couldn't afford to see a therapist, so I started opening up to my friends. Everyone I talked to was dealing with their own anxieties. Once you start that conversation it's amazing what you find out about your closest friends. I recorded one of these conversations with my good friend Joss Lindey, which became the voice over for my film about him. Making Black Dog has been therapy for me. Starting with that conversation. Understanding that you're not alone is a huge revelation. I never set out to inspire others, I was just dealing with my situation in the only way I knew how. By making art. But Black Dog has inspired people to talk. It has made people feel not so alone, which I’m very proud of. Talking about how you are feeling especially if you are low is extremely important. Mind Box is making therapy accessible and affordable which will inevitably save lives. I’m excited to be making the online content for Mind Box and I hope to continue inspiring people. All it takes to feel better is to start that difficult conversation. Black Dog is my contribution to that conversation.

Black Dog - Mind Box from OHH MAMMA on Vimeo.


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