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Top 5 Tips To Boost Your Productivity

Posted 1132 Days Ago by Siân Quipp Dip. Cog. Hyp. – Cognitive Hypnotherapist

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Here are my top tips to boost your productivity. Work smarter not harder and enjoy your Winter.

Here are my top tips to boost your productivity. Work smarter not harder and enjoy your summer

Do you feel so busy that you don’t have time for anything? Being busy is often regarded as a good thing, it’s a common reply when we’re asked – “how are you?” But do we actually get things done when we’re in busy mode or are we mindlessly wasting time? In my Manchester office I see people who want to wake up from the routine they’ve found themselves in and be more deliberate in what they achieve.


1 Examine why you’ve chosen to do something

This needs to come first! Connecting to our deep values of why we want to do something can help overcome obstacles and increase our energy and motivation. What would completing the task bring you? Are you waiting for the last minute to hand in a report for fear of being found out? Are you actually afraid of what success might mean for you? These are common unconscious factors that can be transformed into something really useful with some support.


2 Prioritise

After thinking through your motivation, this one follows naturally. Choose the 3 most important things on your list and focus on completing them. Having a long list that just grows can be overwhelming so select a few things to focus your energy on.


3 Focus on one task at a time

So you’ve prioritised: now comes the trickiest part for most people. Flitting from one task to another can give us the impression of being busy but doesn’t usually result in the satisfaction of completing a task. Focus on your tasks in isolation, finish them, and achieve the sense of progress to keep you going to the next. There are so many distractions available to us so make it easy for yourself to concentrate, schedule regular breaks and have specific times for a social media fix, to check emails or to speak to colleagues.


4 Slow down to speed up

What if you’re running out of steam, or losing interest? Slow down and work on a different frame of mind. Breathe, savour the taste of your coffee, notice the smells and temperatures of sitting outside in the sun (notice there’s no social media on the list here). There are so many benefits of being in the moment rather than always in your head planning the next thing you’re going to do. This isn’t time wasting! It’s vital to your process. Regular mindfulness and meditation can encourage us to be aware of our reactions and thoughts that aren’t helpful and create space to come up with solutions. You might think you’re too busy to take a lunch break, but having time out to pause simply to be in the moment can make all the difference to your productivity.


5 Energy audit

This is great for your reflection after a project or specific task. Identify what drained and energised you – reduce the former next time. This ties in with looking at values too: for the self-employed like me, this is a big one. (Feeling drained by procrastination? Putting off doing those accounts?) If, as for me, it’s the creative stuff that gets you energised, then think about prioritising your admin or delegating to an accountant!


Hear more from Siân at Sian Quipp Cognitive Hypnotherapy.


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